After Care


    Your aftercare is extremely important for the outcome of your new tattoo, along with healing in minimal time without any complications. Please be patient as you will have loss of color and the tattoo will shrink, we will make necessary adjustments at your touch up session. If you have any questions please feel free to call us.

We will provide you with a safe and effective ointment that helps protect against infection. Apply a small amount with a fresh cotton tip approximately 3-5 times per day for 7 days unless advised differently.

AVOID for 7 Days

NO whitening soap/cleansers, swimming, saunas, makeup and excessive sweating.

No scratching or picking, just tap the area if itchy, as you don’t want to scratch pigment away.

No swimming in salt or chlorinated water for 2 weeks to avoid bleaching effect.

No facials, Botox, chemical treatments or microdermabrasion for 4 weeks

Try to limit your shower time to avoid excess steam.

Do not use any other product/aftercare on the area except for the aftercare ointment.

Long Term

Apply sunblock on lips and eyebrows daily. Exposure to the sun over time can cause fading and color change.

Avoid Glycolic Acid or Peels if you want to keep your tattoo. Anything with active ingredients will lighten the color with continuous use. Check moisturizers and cleansers as they can also fade tattoo color if they contain Vitamins or AHA’s.


Colors will appear darker/brighter and more sharply defined immediately following the procedure. Colors will lighten and soften in 3-10 days. When the pigment settles, clients often think color is lost or has lightened too much, please be patient, as you can’t judge the true color until week 4.

It is completely normal to lose up to 50-80% of the color on the first session, please don’t worry, that is why we have a perfecting session.

Due to slight swelling your lips or eyeliner may not look straight after the procedure – not to worry, this will settle once the swelling goes down.


Gently blot with a cotton pad or tissue to remove any lymph fluid then apply a small amount of aftercare cream. The aim is to avoid crusting or scabbing build up so the tattoo will heal well without additional loss of color. Use your aftercare cream sparingly as you don’t want to suffocate the tattoo. Only blot for the first 2 days, but continue to use your aftercare 3-5 day for 7 days.



Immediately after treatment, your lips will appear swollen and much darker than the color that was decided. The color after a few days will be significantly lighter, after 4-6 weeks the true color will show through. You must have a touch-up 4-6 weeks to retain color.

No spicy foods, lipsticks, gloss, hot drinks, red wine, kissing or citrus drinks for 7 days.

Use a cold pack for 5 mins when you get home and again in 3-4 hours if required.

Your lips will be very dry. It’s important to keep them moist with aftercare ointment so they don’t become flaky and peel. If you have dry pieces of skin do not pull or pick at them let the lips exfoliate naturally.

Continue to use a good moisturizer for the lips to hydrate


The eye area will feel like windburn, avoid rubbing your eyes. Rest eyes after treatment. Eyeliner usually heals within about 4 days. The thickness will shrink and it won’t be as dark once healed. Remember any adjustments in thickness and color will be made at your second appointment. Apply aftercare 3 x a day for 2 days, after that just at night to soothe your eyes if you are sensitive or have prolonged swelling, dryness or itching.

NO mascara or eye makeup for 7days.

You can purchase gel eye drops from drugstores for extra comfort.

No wearing contact lenses for 5 days.


Additional Information

Change your pillowcase to avoid any contact with dust or bacteria.


Touch-up cannot be done until the skin has finished healing (4-8weeks).

Any adjustments to color and shape are made on your second visit, please be patient.

It is essential that you book in for your perfecting session 4- 8weeks after your first initial consultation. Failure to book in will result in a significant loss of pigment in the tattooed area. This will impact on our ability to guarantee longevity of your tattoo.


Ongoing Touch-ups

Take into consideration that everyone’s skin takes tattoo pigment differently, because of this many people need touch ups at different stages especially for hair stroke brows as the tattoo does not last as long as a powder color tattoo. If you look after your tattoo throughout all the stages, I usually say 8-14 months is the general rule for ongoing touch-ups.