Microblading Services


Microblading Brows


  • individual hair strokes
  • natural looking
  • more touch-ups
  • good for normal/dry skin type
  • not recommended to oily & mature skin

Powder Brows


  • more of a "make-up" look,
  • less touch-ups
  • good for all skin types
  • good to cover old tattoo

Combination Brows


  • a hybrid of hair strokes and shading
  • great for adding density
  • fuller look to brows

Retouch: (applicable for old clients)

1-3 months - ₱3,000

3-5 months - ₱6,000

5-8 months - ₱7,500



₱4,000 per session

  • it enhances the shape and symmetry of the eyes, providing a long-lasting and smudge-proof eyeliner look.
  • it saves time and effort by eliminating the need for daily application and removal of makeup
  • Recommended for 2 sessions

Lip Blush

₱14,000 2 sessions

  • it can help improve the appearance of uneven lip color
  • add definition and provide a subtle enhancement to the overall appearance of the lips,
  • may help to camouflage or cover up hyperpigmentation on the lips

Cover Up

  • refers to the process of concealing or modifying an existing permanent makeup tattoo done from different artists.
  • additional of 5,000 may be required. (for new clients only)
  • Skilled artists may use various techniques, pigments, and specialized tools to achieve the desired result.
  • Monday - Saturday


We are strictly by appointment and we can only accommodate 2-3 clients per day. Please compromise with the travel, traffic and parking time as we are very strict with our appointment schedule.

For emergency, please contact us the day before or 3 hours before your scheduled appointment so we can consider and reschedule your appointment.


Microblading is meant to look natural.

Get your Natural Looking Eyebrows on Fleek without the effort to draw on it everyday.